Share your story

We are always on the lookout for great stories from those involved in the Award. Whether you are a participant, volunteer, supporter or member of staff, we'd love to hear how the Award has made an impact on your life. We are particularly interested to hear from you if you believe the Award helped you to get a job. 

You can use the form below to upload your story and some photographs. 

When writing your story, please tell us:

  • Your full name and country of residence
  • How you are involved with the Award; are you a participant, volunteer, donor or member of staff?
  • How you found out about the Award and why you chose to get involved
  • What your life like before you became involved with the Award
  • How you think your involvement in the Award has made a positive impact on your life and on the lives of others
  • Whether you think the Award helped you with your further education or in securing worthwhile employment

How we will use your story

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation is grateful for all the stories it receives and aims to publish as many of them as we can. We do reserve the right, however, not to publish a story if we don't believe it fits with our editorial and brand guidelines. The stories we do use will be published on our website and promoted across our social media networks. We may also use stories in publications and promotional materials. By sharing your story with us here, you are giving us permission to do this.