Equipping young people for life: Our 2014–2020 strategy

Operational and Promotional Award Materials

Published: 18 Dec 2014

Our business strategy is part of a wider process to ensure that the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation and members of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association can develop mutual understanding and clearer goals for growth over the coming years.

The business strategy has been put together by staff of the Foundation and approved by the International Board of Trustees. It acts as a statement of where we sit in the process of change following Forum 2012 in Malta; it clearly sets out some of the medium term aims and rationale behind the current work of the Foundation staff team; perhaps most importantly it also acts as the start of a discussion about how the Award should move forward and grow through the work of all current and future Award Operators.

The Foundation holds a unique position as the main co-ordinator for international management of the Award and its expansion and growth. However, we can only operate as part of an interdependent network of global, regional, national, sub-national and local partners, who develop, oversee, manage and ultimately deliver the Award to young people.

Please note that this version contains an amended target for participation in the Award by at risk and marginalised young people. The raising of this target from 12% to 20% was approved by the International Council in November 2014.