New report delves into the impact of the Award

Published: 7 Aug 2017

From participants to volunteers and donors to supporters, there’s no denying that the Award has an incredibly positive impact on everyone involved. Now, a new report has been released which starts to delve into exactly what that impact looks like.

The report was compiled after interviews with 34 stakeholders from 14 countries across the world, and analyses the impact of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award using the Wheel of Influence – a tool which shows how each and every person involved in the Award is interconnected and has a direct impact on others.

The study found that the Award has a transformational impact on almost everyone involved – no matter whether they are participants, volunteers, Leaders, or the surrounding community. The research also identified that the biggest impacts come not just from participating in experiences associated to the Award, but also via the relationships that are built as a result. 

“If I hadn’t had this experience… I would be a reserved person and very shy but the Award has brought confidence to me, and even creativity… there is change in my life and I can see my hope… I’m no longer hopeless. I have a hope.” - quote from interview with Award Holder

Further, it showed that although positive transformation at an individual, social and community level was universal, the way these changes appeared was dependent on the geographical and social context of the Award unit, highlighting that the positive impact of the Award is both global and local in its nature. 

You can read the full report and the executive summary here.  

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