Meet our eight new Emerging Leader Representatives

Published: 10 Oct 2018

Eight new Emerging Leader Representatives were elected by their peers in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex at the 2017 International Gold Event in Prague, Czech Republic.

Sitting on the International Council (IC) alongside its other members are:

Asia-Pacific Region (APR)

Tharindra Arumapperuma (Sri Lanka)

Christopher Pang (Hong Kong) 


Jamar Odwin (Barbados)

Renece Bazil (Cayman Islands)

Europe, Middle East & Arab States (EMAS)

James Clements (UK)

Michaela Musilova (Slovakia)


Jones Viduku (Ghana)

Monica Murray (South Africa)


Below we’ve profiled four of our Emerging Leaders: Renece, Michaela, Jones and Monica. 

The journey to the Award -  

“Through the Award, I was able to do things I never imagined I'd be able to do, and for that I'm grateful.” - Renece, Cayman Islands

Emerging Leaders Renece (Cayman Islands) and Monica (South Africa) both discovered the Award at the age of 14.  They were inspired to take the challenge as part of their self-development. “I was not a top achiever in school and that made me feel really insecure, since I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. So I jumped at the opportunity to excel in a non-competitive environment - outside of the classroom - and I have never looked back,” says Monica.

For others such as Michaela and Jones (Ghana), it was not until the age of 18 that they began their Award journeys. Michaela was drawn to the Award because of, “how it inspires young people to work on themselves in a variety of aspects and to help their local communities”. Jones admits that when he first started the Award, he was only interested in the Adventurous Journey. However, as time progressed, he gained so much more experience thanks to the other components of the Award - the Voluntary Service, Skill and Physical Recreation.



Life alongside the Award

We’re fortunate to have a very talented and diverse cohort of young people sitting on the International Council for the next three years. So how do they spend their days when not representing the Award?

Jones, being so passionate about the Award, works for the Ghanaian Award office. Outside of work, he is busy running his own graphic design and print company; something he started through the Award.

Monica freelances as an Art Director for small businesses around the world and cares for two small children in Australia. Originally from South Africa, she also volunteered at Marang House; a home for chronically ill children in Johannesburg.

Michaela is an astrobiologist who’s worked with NASA, the European Space Agency and UK Space Agency. She has led numerous expeditions to extreme environments and is an analogue astronaut and commander at simulated Martian stations.

Renece works with, assesses and observes the social, behavioural, educational and emotional needs of children in the public education system as an Assistant Educational Psychologist. In her spare time, she likes to play netball.


Visions for the future of the Award

During the course of their three years sitting on the International Council, the Emerging Leaders have the same key objective: to raise awareness about the Award and the impact that it has on young people and their communities so that, together, the Foundation can reach their ambition that every young person in the world has access to the Award.  

The common goal is to motivate young people not just to achieve their Award but also to continue giving back to the community after completing their Award. Together, this new cohort of Emerging Leaders intends to broaden their knowledge of the Award globally, learn from best practices, take advantage of opportunities to develop themselves as Award holders, and use the strength of the Award family to grow the Award together.

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