Let the Global Goals commence!

Published: 28 Sep 2015

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

The UN Sustainable Development Summit ended yesterday and the Foundation welcomes the United Nations’ decision to commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve three extraordinary things in the next 15 years; ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and fixing climate change.

We also recognise the synergies between these goals and our own impact measures. It is our hope that the young people across the globe working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award can help make a positive contribution towards these goals over the coming years.

At present there are over one million young people in over 140 countries and territories participating in the Award and it is our ambition that every young person in the world will have the opportunity to take part. Through their Service and Skills sections in particular, Award participants can make a positive impact in their local communities and the world at large. This could be through volunteering for a local charity, developing their language skills, or become more physically active by taking up a new sport. 

Our nine Award impact measures (which include improved educational attainment, improved employability, increased participation in civic life, increased social inclusion and gender equality, and an improved environment), all complement the 17 Global Goals committed to by the UN and World Leaders.

To find out more about how young participants are positively impacting communities head to Award Stories.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development