Giving back in Ghana

Published: 23 May 2013

Young people fixing computers in Ghana

In Ghana, young people make up roughly 26 per cent of the total population, however, despite economic growth since 2001, the country has seen a decline in opportunities for urban employment. Many young people move to rural areas to seek opportunities, but too often find themselves in slums with little or no way to make enough money to survive. With few development opportunities available to them, many become victims of crime.

But, through the Award, young people are learning valuable skills for further education and employment and are able to make a positive contribution to their communities through volunteering and social enterprise. More than 180,000 young people in Ghana have taken part in the Award since it was first introduced in the country back in 1967 and it remains as significant today as it did back then. 

Gold Award holder and National Director Peter Akai Anum explains how the Award is turning young people's lives around and what the ambition of the Ghanaian Award is.