Foundation launches ‘Award holders at work’ campaign

Published: 5 May 2015

Award holders at work

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation has today launched its first global campaign, Award holders at work, to highlight the valuable employability skills young people can develop through participation in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award). 

The Award is world’s leading youth achievement award, equipping young people for life and work. Statistics show that 40% of the world’s unemployed are young people[1], yet nearly 40% of employers say a lack of skills is the main reason for their entry-level vacancies[2]. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is needed more than ever to bridge the gap between formal education and employment. Through doing the Award and developing important skills like communication, teamworking and leadership, young people can improve their readiness for work while having fun.

The Award is available in over 140 countries and territories worldwide. Award holders at work is the Award’s first campaign coordinated by the Foundation and delivered in country by Award Operators around the world.

Speaking about the campaign, John May, Secretary General of the Foundation said: “We are focusing on employability for our very first global campaign as we know youth unemployment is an issue in many countries where the Award operates. The Award provides young people with confidence, resilience and skills in areas such as communication, problem solving and leadership – exactly what employers look for when distinguishing candidates.”

Recognising Award holders' skills

Award holders at work campaignAward holders at work aims to help young people understand that the Award provides them with the skills employers are seeking and to know how to emphasise this within their CV/LinkedIn profile and during interviews. The campaign also encourages more employers to look out for the Award during their recruitment process.

Guyanan Gold Award holder, Onika Stellinburgh works as a Youth Volunteer Program Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Inc. She says the skills she learnt through her Award most definitely prepared her for the world of work.

“The Award has taught me the values of integrity, self-respect and professionalism; it has taught me and my peers the value of executing tasks assigned, sharing responsibilities, teamwork and collaboration.

The life skills taught through this programme give a head-start to any young person about to leave school to enter the world of work.” 

Nurturing talent

Rawle Small, National Director, Habitat for Humanity Guyana Inc. says he was interested with the Award’s approach to developing young people and credits Onika with developing new business ventures.

“I first heard about the Award through local media and was interested in its approach to developing and recognising young people’s leadership and networking skills. I believe it helps to cultivate young people’s skills and their self-confidence. 

“Onika has helped to grow our volunteer program and to connect the program with other groups and organisations. Her confidence has allowed her to develop new projects in collaboration with other young people, such as the project to repaint roadway symbols, youth leadership training and establishing a campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity Guyana. 

“I would recommend other organisations to consider the value of working with awardees, specifically what they bring to the table based on their experience.” 

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Award holders at work

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