First winner of iPad prize draw announced

Published: 23 Nov 2017

All Award participants, as well as young people who aren’t participating in the Award, who complete our Outcomes Research surveys are entered into a prize draw giving them the possibility of winning an iPad. On 7 November 2017, we drew the first winner – Zainab Rizvi!

Zainab is a Bronze Award participant from the UAE. She completed our Outcomes Research surveys before and after her Bronze Award, and has won an iPad for her efforts.

While receiving her prize, Zainab gave us some reflections on her experience of the Award:

“The Award was an amazing experience, that took a lot of dedication and hard work, but was indeed highly rewarding. It made me aware of my self-ability, skills and how much I could accomplish on my own. The overall experience increased my confidence. There were challenges alongside accomplishments too. Having to organise my own activities was one, but doing so taught me how to independently handle both planned and unplanned situations. The Award is something I recommend that every student should experience, as it will allow them to prove to themselves how much they are capable of.”

We are continuing to collect responses to our Outcomes Research surveys and will be holding subsequent prize draws in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for the next winner.

About our research

Our research team are engaged in a number of activities to research the effect of the Award on young people and their communities around the world. The research agenda involves monitoring the high quality delivery of the Award and investigating the experiences of participants and the teams of adults who support them through their Award journeys. We look at the impact of the Award; not only on our primary stakeholders - our Award participants - but also on their Award Leaders, their wider communities, our Award Operators, and on the donors who maintain the Award through their generous support.

Our Outcomes Research focusses on understanding how the Award benefits a young person by measuring the outcomes of the Award as a well-established, clearly defined, youth development programme. Anecdotal evidence indicates that young people who participate in the Award become more confident and resilient, and develop skills in areas such as communication, problem solving and leadership. This in turn impacts their communities, who see improvements in areas including employability, health and well-being.

Now, we are moving from testimonials about the Award’s impact, to hard data that will enable us to measure how the Award has an immediate, positive effect on the young people who participate. Our Outcomes Research will, for the first time, allow us to gather rich quantitative data about how the Award makes a difference in the lives of young people.

This research is supported by the University of Surrey and involves gathering quantitative data through a series of surveys from young people around the world. After a successful launch in October 2016, we are now analysing our data and aim to share the preliminary research findings in early 2018. 

For more information or to get involved please contact the research team via