The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation announces its first Diamond Benefactor – Dr Johnny Hon, MH

Published: 5 Apr 2016

Dr Johnny Hon

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation introduced a new tier of donor support in 2016: Diamond Benefactors.

We are today delighted to welcome Dr Johnny Hon, MH as the first Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation Diamond Benefactor.1

Dr Hon has been a member of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award World Fellowship since 2004, both attending and hosting many events in the extensive World Fellowship diary. In addition to this support, Dr Hon has been recognised as a Young Fellow, World Fellow and, in 2014, as a World Fellowship Benefactor.

In his new role as Diamond Benefactor for Asia and the Pacific, during the next three years Dr Hon will help us to promote the benefits of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, with particular emphasis on working with the Asia Pacific Foundation Team as we expand the Award throughout the region. Dr Johnny Hon comments:

"Opening up opportunities for the next generation is a cause very close to my heart. Developing well-rounded, empowered and forward-thinking young people is without a doubt the key to a bright future for Asia and the world and I am delighted to be part of the Foundation's work towards this. I have seen first-hand the wonderful benefits the Foundation brings to communities across the globe and I am sure every young participant to their Asia-Pacific programmes will find the experience beneficial and have a lot of fun in the process."

Dr Hon’s generous personal commitment of his time and expertise is matched by a visionary and significant gift of substantial sums. His expansive support will contribute to a stronger Foundation presence in Asia, lead to the creation of new partnerships across the region and, ultimately, enable the establishment of sufficient support to enable access to the Award for the millions of young people in the Asia Pacific region who do not yet have the opportunity to participate. His contribution goes to the very heart of the Foundation’s ambition of ensuring that every young person has access to the Award.

"This first for the Award will greatly advance our regional development plans in Asia and global ambition to offer non formal education opportunities to young people worldwide. We very much look forward to partnering with Dr Johnny Hon and highlighting these new directions at the 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Conference being hosted in Hong Kong in September."

Sue Walker, Regional Director, Asia Pacific 



1 Diamond Benefactors are distinct from the World Fellowship, although may of course also support through it. Each Diamond Benefactor will partner with the Foundation over a three-year period to promote the Award in a specific geographical area, such as the Middle East, North America or Sub-Saharan Africa.  For further information regarding Diamond Benefactors, please contact