Celebrating young people and their mentors in Turkey

Published: 13 Jun 2014

Celebrating young people and their mentors in Turkey

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Turkey celebrates its participants and the volunteers and donors who help to deliver the Award.

Hosted at the British Consul in Istanbul, the Award ceremony in Turkey saw over 200 participants receiving their Award from the British Consule General Leigh Turner. Rafe Courage, Deputy Consul General also attended the ceremony and spoke about the importance of the Award, including the impact it had on his four children whom had all taken part in the programme. On the night, 14 young people picked up their Gold Awards. Those collecting their Bronze and Silver Awards will also continue on to Gold.

More than 10,000 young people have taken part in the Award in Turkey since it began in 2003, including youth at risk and those considered to be on the margins of society. Istanbul Deputy Governor Kazım Tekin and Sultan Yılmaz, National Committee President of the Award in Turkey also attended the Award ceremony; Sultan Yilmaz gave an interview to news agents Anadolu Ajansı about the impact of Award in Turkey and worldwide. You can listen to the interview here http://www.aa.com.tr/tr/sirket-haberleri/gundem/2483375.

Thanking supporters

The Award in Turkey also gave thanks to its supporters, without whom they could not have reached so many young people. A fundraising brunch was held at the British Embassy in Ankara on 1 June 2014. Hosted by the British Ambassador Richard Moore and his wife Margaret Moore, around 250 guests attended the event, which was sponsored by several companies that support the growth of the Award in Turkey. The event brought together people from the business and cultural communities of Ankara and gained national recognition, appearing in national newspapers including Milliyet and Habertürk.

Speaking at the brunch, Mr. Moore said that he was proud to be able to host The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award event at his residence. Meanwhile, Hamdi Akın, the Chairman of the Board of Akfen Holding, the Award’s main sponsor in Turkey, handed out plaques to the Ambassador and other sponsors of the event to thank them for their support.


Award volunteers were also thanked by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Turkey’s National Committee President Sultan Yılmaz who said:"It is important to teach people to learn how to catch fish, to do things for themselves…and this is what the Award does."

Deniz Hallik, an Award participant, spoke of the Award’s importance in her life and how it has helped her to grow through the activities she undertook.

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