Cambridge Assessment International Education and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: Working together to grow the Award

Published: 27 Sep 2017

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is delighted to announce it is working with Cambridge Assessment International Education to extend the reach of the Award and ensure that more schools can benefit from the world’s most recognised non-formal education achievement framework.

Both organisations believe that learning should not only be confined to the classroom, but should also take place outside the school environment and in the wider community. Together they aspire to develop confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged learners and create opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service to their local community and experience adventure.

The move is expected to be well received by the increasing number of schools and colleges that are endeavouring to provide a wider, more balanced and holistic learning experience for their students. Initially it will be piloted in Spain, Egypt and Indonesia but in the future there is potential to reach even more countries through a long-term programme that will inevitably provide more young people with soft skills for life.

Of the pilot, Secretary General of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, John May, said,

“We are delighted to be working with Cambridge Assessment International Education. By combining our efforts, we believe that we will be able to bring the breadth and balance of education, for which the UK is well-known, to an even larger constituency of learners around the world.

For more than 60 years, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has inspired millions of young people to change their lives by developing new skills, getting physically active, playing an active role in supporting their communities and experiencing adventure. Through developing soft skills such as resilience, confidence, adaptability and self-awareness, young people across the globe can ensure that they are engaged and equipped for the future.

Together, we can make sure that even more young people benefit from well-rounded, holistic learning and development opportunities and gain the skills, grit, curiosity and confidence needed for whatever life may bring.”