Award training programme launched in Germany

Published: 27 Feb 2014

David Harrison, Patrick Löffler, Jasmin Müller-Alefeld, Ceri Temple and Eva Wilke with certificates

Das Jugenprogramm (The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Germany) has launched an accredited training programme for its Award leaders and assessors to ensure the delivery of the Award in Germany is delivered consistently and to a high standard. 

Trainers David Harrison, Patrick Löffler, Jasmin Müller-Alefeld, Ceri Temple and Eva Wilke successfully completed the theory sections of their Award unit Auditor Courses. They will now undertake their first practical sessions through pilot on-site visits at four schools.  “This course has been another important step on our path to even more sustainability and quality“, said trainer Klaus Vogel.

Qualified auditors

Germany is the only Award country where on-site visits to units are undertaken by specially qualified unit Auditors. The course content is defined by Volume 3 of the Handbook of the German Award Association, which, for the first time, is available in both German and English. The focus of this Auditor Course was the tools which are applied during the process of an on-site visit, especially the portfolio and its main components, as well as the online questionnaire and the evaluation folder.

All in all, the German Award Association now has twelve qualified Auditors at their disposal, two of whom (Karsten and Klaus Vogel) have already been conducting on-site visits on a regular basis. The Auditor Course presupposes attendance of both the Wild Country Assessor Course and the Train the Trainer Course and therefore it is the highest course offered by the German Award Association, whose own Board was trained by the German Society for Quality (DGQ) two years ago

pilot course took place in late 2010. It was followed by a period during which the on-site visits were systematically implemented and the concept was adapted to the new Quality Management System. In June 2013, the German Award Association held the first International Auditor Course, where information and learning was shared by the DofE (the Award in the UK) and the International Award Foundation. These courses are the basis for establishing a network of Auditors, so that on-site visits to units in Germany will always be conducted by a team, consisting of both a national and a local Auditor.

Details of training provisions and on-site visits can be found in Volume 3 of the Handbook of the German Award Association, (in German) / (in English).

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