The Award: Three Funds Update

Published: 3 Jul 2018

Young offenders

The new Three Funds grant programme was launched in April 2018 to better align with our Global Strategy. Our new two-step funding programme prioritises improving Access, increasing the Reach and improving the Impact of the Award.

The first stage of applications was due on 11th May. We received 22 applications – 10 from Africa, one from APR, and 11 from EMAS - amounting to £1,159,489 of requested funds. We received the following based on category:

Reach + Impact2

Some examples of project ideas include:

  • Growing the Award across three new large urban areas and in schools with a high percentage of at-risk students.
  • Partnering with correctional facilities, such as prisons, to make the Award more accessible for young people who are at risk of abuse, violence and crime.
  • Strengthening access to IT equipment and internet for 10 youth centres in remote regions to provide them with the tools to access and monitor the ORB and support the Operator to engage more young people.
  • Creating a comprehensive Quality Assurance Framework ensuring the highest quality of Award delivery across all partners.

Applications were reviewed by a panel of staff members and shortlisted at our May meetings. A total of 10 applications have made it to the second stage and 8 of these will submit by June 29th for consideration by the Three Funds Advisory Panel in July. The remaining two applications required more time to develop their applications and will proceed with the second stage come autumn 2018.

Close to £300,000 will be granted this financial year (approx. £150,000 per round) which will help strengthen the Award globally!

For those who are interested in finding out more information about our second round of applications, you can access the online application form and guidance here.