• Darren Tan, NYYA holder from Singapore

    From the streets to the Bar

    Taking part in the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) in Singapore helped turn Darren Tan's life around. 

  • Dustin, former youth offender from the USA receives his Bronze Award

    First ever juvenile offender in the USA receives Award

    The first-ever juvenile offender in the USA has received his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award. 

  • Award holder Errol De Souza

    Former offender receives Gold Award in presence of Nelson Mandela

    Errol De Souza, Gold Award holder from South Africa explains how the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award helped turn his life around. Here he recalls the day he received his Gold Award in front

  • Award participants on expedition in Canada

    May the force be with you

    A partnership between a police force and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in Canada is bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds to work together to overcome prejudices that exist in local

  • A new outlook

    "I have been working for The Department of Correctional Service in Voorberg, South Africa for the past nine years and have also been an Award coordinator there for the past five years. I have seen

  • Second chances

    In 1997 I made a choice that devastated my family and took me away from my life. Up until that point, I was doing well at school and was doing my Gold Award. Then at 17, I rebelled against my

  • His greatest test

    When 16 year old South African Ross McCreath realised that many young people in the Bathurst’s Nolukhanyo’s township were turning to crime to fill their spare time, he put his mind to finding an