The Forum

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Forum takes place every three years and brings together leaders from within The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Association and The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation.

Delegates include:

• Association members – those who deliver the Award on a national basis (National Award Operators). NAOs are invited to attend if they have a conditional or full licence from the Foundation.
• Foundation staff and Trustees.
• Members of the Association’s International Council.
Emerging Leader Representatives.
• Other guests invited by the Foundation, including donors, partners and other Award Operators.

Why do we meet?

The Forum enables the Foundation to discuss the development of the Award with members of the Association, and to consult with them on new policies and plans. Together we review our progress, and discuss how we can ensure that the Award equips more young people for life and work. Full members of the Association are given the opportunity to vote on recommendations put to them by the International Council.

How many people attend?

Each eligible National Award Operator is invited to send two official delegates and a youth delegate.

Where does the Forum take place?

The Forum takes place in a different country each time. Forum 2015 took place in Toronto, Canada. Forum 2018 will be held in Accra, Ghana and hosted by Head of State Award, Ghana. National Award Operators who are full members of the Association can bid to host the Forum.

What happens in between Forum?

The work of the Award between Forums is managed by the International Trustees, directing the work of the Foundation and its staff. The International Council meets once every year and provides advice and feedback on operational matters and takes decisions concerning the membership and activities of the Association.

This year, work has been undertaken to start the development of a clear strategic approach for the Award. The Foundation has published a document which provides details about the strategic direction in which it has been heading since the last Forum in Malta. Members of the Association have been invited to give feedback as to how this approach is working, how they feel this fits into their context and what else might be achieved by working more closely together in the future. You can download or read a copy of the Foundation's published strategy.