Training for IACs

‘Delivering the Award’ Training 2019

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation provides a comprehensive training programme for Award teams from licensed Independent Award Centres (IACs), and for external activity providers who work with IACs. For training under National Award Operators (NAOs), please speak to the NAO in your country or to the relevant Regional office

Foundation training for IACs is delivered in two phases; Level 1 (online) and Level 2 (online and face-to-face workshop). Level 1 must be completed before enrolling for Level 2.

The core Level 1 and Level 2 programme equips successful delegates with the knowledge and skill to act as:

  • Award Leader
  • Adventurous Journey Supervisor
  • Adventurous Journey Assessor

Extra modules are available to prepare delegates for the role of Award Verifier, or Award Coordinator (available later in 2019). 

Step 1: Register

1. Register/Log in to our online community learning platform, the Award Community

When registering, please select ‘IAC’ as your organisation type only if you are from a licensed Independent Award Centre.

If you are acting as an external activity provider (not affiliated with any organisation licenced by the Foundation) please select ‘External Activity Provider’.

The Award Community houses all of our online training, as well as discussion forums for our community of adults in the Award. You will find many helpful resources available on here.


Step 2: Complete Level 1 training (online)

1. On the Award Community homepage, select the Award Course List.

2. Complete the following modules:

  • ‘Level 1: Award Induction’ (approx. 3 hours)
  • ‘Level 1: Award Delivery’. (approx. 1.5 hours)
  • Online Record Book (ORB) for Award Leaders (20 mins)
  • Online Record Book (ORB) for Participants (20 mins)

Level 1

Level 1 introduces delegates to the components of the Award, and gives information about the knowledge, skills, behaviours and tools which are useful for delivering the Award. You will receive an e-certificate when you complete both modules.

Step 3: Begin Delivering and Complete Level 2 training

1. Upon completion of Level 1, enrol on a Level 2 ‘Delivering the Award’ workshop taking place within 6 months. For dates and location, please click here. Please note: you will not be allowed to enrol on a Level 2 workshop if you have not completed Level 1. 

2. Once you have enrolled on a Level 2 Workshop, you become eligible to register on the Online Record Book and begin delivering the Award as an Award Leader for participants

3. In advance of attending your chosen 2-day Level 2 workshop, complete the following:

  • Level 2: Adventurous Journey Pre-Learning online module (on the Award Community)
  • Pay the training fee in full

4. When you successfully complete Level 2, you are eligible to act as an Adventurous Journey Supervisor or Adventurous Journey Assessor, as well as to continue acting as an Award Leader.

Level 2

Level 2 delivers more advanced learning to build on the knowledge gained during Level 1. It also provides in-depth guidance on the requirements of the Adventurous Journey section. 

The Delivering the Award Workshop is an instructor-led course facilitated by the Foundation. Please note that there are 3 requirements that must be met in order to register on the Delivering the Award Workshop: you must be from a licensed IAC, your IAC must have no outstanding invoices and you must have completed all the Level 1 courses.

The training fee for Level 2 is currently 200 GBP/ 240 USD/ 225 EUR per person. This applies to all registrations received between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020.


Mandatory Requirements

The IAC licence requires each Independent Award Centre to maintain a minimum of 2 team members fully trained. For new IACs, the organisation will become eligible to deliver the Award with young people as soon as at least 2 team members have completed Level 1 and enrolled to complete Level 2 (on a date within the following 6 months).

If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated Operations Manager/Officer, or email our team at

National Award Operators

Representatives of National Award Operators (NAOs) are welcome to (and often do) attend the Level 2 Delivering the Award Workshop. However, please be aware that training requirements may differ between the Foundation and an NAO. If you are interested in attending one of the workshops as an NAO representative, please speak to your Regional Office contact.