Europe, Mediterranean and Arab States (EMAS)

The EMAS region stretches from the westernmost point on the European continent, up to the colder climes of the Nordic states, continuing East over the Russian Federation, and down to the hotter climes of the Arabian peninsula.

In this mixing bowl of cultures, languages and traditions, young people are united by the desire to make a better world for themselves and their communities through the Award.

The EMAS team works with National Award Operators to develop the Award in their country, enabling even more young people to embark on an enjoyable and exciting Award journey.

National Award Operators

There are currently 19 National Award Operators in EMAS.

Find the Award Near You

Contact the EMAS regional office

Each region has a team who are able to assist with your Award questions.


For matters relating to governance and strategy, please contact Melissa Stoakes, Regional Director.

For matters relating to operations of National Award Operators, please contact Lucy Ranson, Regional Manager.


Award House, 7–11 St Matthew Street, London SW1P 2JT, United Kingdom

T +44 (0)20 7222 4242