Employability stories

Gold Award holder, Nsamba Shitumbanuma, from Zambia

Nsamba's employability story


Nsamba says skills he developed through the Award have been vital to his chosen career.

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Gold Award holder and conservationist Aurélie Henshaw.

Aurélie’s employment story


Time spent volunteering as part of her Award inspired Aurélie to pursue a career in wildlife conservation.

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Gold Award holder Meilia Natalia helping to plant trees as part of her Service Section.

Meilia Natalia's employment story


Meilia says the skills she developed her secure a scholarship at university.

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Nqobile Ofentse Dabula, Gold Award holder and Law student in South Africa.

Nqobile's employability story

South Africa

Nqobile says the Service section of the Award helped to secure him an internship.

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Australian Gold Award holder Melanie Tran gets her Gold Award.

Melanie's employment story


As a result of her Service section, Melanie was offered a job as a web administrator.

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Canadian Gold Award holder and Founder of Ryan's Well Foundation, Ryan Hreljac

Ryan's employability story


Ryan says the Award helped harness his entrepreneurial spirit.

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Aubrey Jones, Silver Award holder, US

Aubrey's employment story

United States

Aubrey developed invaluable people skills through completing his Award.

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Ghanaian Gold Award holder Eric Kumasenu working at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

Eric's employment story


Eric has developed practical skills useful for his career as a sound engineer.

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Khurram Khan, Gold Award holder, Australia

Khurram's employment story


Khurram has learned three key professional skills while doing the Award.

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Onika Stellinburgh, Gold Award holder and Youth Volunteer Program Coordinator

Onika's employment story


Onika credits the Award for giving her valuable transferable skills.

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