Award's Impact

Young people make positive changes to their lives and communities through their participation in the Award. The seven areas of Award’s Impact are defined as  below:

 Improved Employability 1. Improved employability and earning potential

The young people who take part, and the adults who support the Award, are introduced to opportunities to develop key life skills. These include leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship and determination, specific technical skills, as well as relationships and self-confidence. In the long term, this leads to improvements in their employability and earning potential.

Physical and mental health2. Improved physical health and fitness

Through the physical recreation and Adventurous Journey sections of the Award, young people become more exposed to physical activities (if they aren’t already) and so are more likely to engage in sports and physical activities in the future.

 Improved educational attainment 3. Improved mental health and emotional wellbeing

The young people who take part, and the adults who support the Award, interact with others, gain self-confidence, develop life skills, and experience a sense of purpose and satisfaction resulting in improved mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Engagement4. Increased engagement with charitable and community causes

Young people participate in various forms of voluntary and community activities for the Service section of the Award and so are more actively engaged with charitable and community causes. As a result, they are more likely to continue to have this kind of engagement throughout their lives. 

Environmental impact

 5. Improved environmental impact

Young people become more aware of environmental issues and have more compassion for nature as a result of involvement in environmental and conservation projects, and/or spending more time in the natural environment as part of Award activities. As a result, they adopt behaviours that reduce their negative environmental impact and/or improve their positive environmental impact.

 Increased social cohesion6. Increased social cohesion

As a result of participating in Award activities, young people have increased respect for diversity and ability to accept differences as a result of increased social interaction with people of different ages, abilities and backgrounds. Young people also improve their social and cultural competence due to increased participation in civic life, which improves social inclusion and ‘community spirit’.

 Reduced offending7. Reduced offending

Young people are less likely to be involved in violence and criminal activities, due to the life skills they develop through participating in the Award and the increased social inclusion they experience as a result of the relationships they develop throughout their Award experience. 

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