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  • Award participants hiking in the mountains

    Following in their footsteps

    United Kingdom

    William has lived with a foster family for most of his life. He struggles with dyslexia and, before taking up the Award, had issues with his weight. Despite these challenges, William has successfully

  • Hope, ambitions and happiness

    Sri Lanka

    My name is Vijayaraja Miruthiika and I am 17 years old. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife and we live in a small village in Batticaloa in the eastern part of Sri Lanka. During

  • From participant to ambassador


    "My name is Frederik and I am a 19 year old, bilingual Dane living in Copenhagen. I first heard about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award from family friends in England but sadly the concept wasn’t then

  • A new outlook

    South Africa

    "I have been working for The Department of Correctional Service in Voorberg, South Africa for the past nine years and have also been an Award coordinator there for the past five years. I have seen

  • Being the best you


    There was never any way that losing a limb would keep Mark Arendz from doing great things with his life

  • A new person


    "Growing up on an island in The Bahamas was not easy in terms of discovering your individuality. Coming from a lower, middle class home there weren't very many opportunities unless you were a

  • I've come a long way


    Born in Israel, I moved back from Canada two years ago. To tell you the truth, before hearing about the Award I was not very keen on volunteer work or community service whatsoever

  • A sign of the times

    United Kingdom

    Frustrated by the lack of understanding about British Sign Language, (BSL) amongst the hearing population, 17-year-old deaf student, Christian Owen set out to make BSL more accessible to a greater

  • Learning to live


    Ghanaian University students, Alice Agyiri and Esther Chinebuah, have helped poverty stricken children and families in the Pampaso region of Ghana through a positive scheme they call YES – the Youth