Why aren't you an Award participant?

Medeea Katerina Petrovan playing guitar

Medeea – Katerina Petrovan is working towards her Silver Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Romania. Here, the 24-year-old law student explains how, after promoting the Award to other young people, she was inspired to give it a go herself. 

"I have a degree in Finance and a Masters in Accountant Policies. At present, I am a Law student at Transilvania University, an intern at CECCAR (The Body of Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romania), as well as a consultant in the structural funds and business area and a trainer for the Iceberg Consulting Company.

"In addition to my busy professional life I take part in volunteering activities every day. I am part of the Rotaract Kronstadt Association team and board member of Rotaract District 2241, as well Social Vice President of the JCI Braşov board. We try to give something back to the society and I try to involve myself more and more in society’s development.

Time to take part

"I knew about the Award, as I was a board member of youth organisation AIESEC Brasov and often promoted the opportunity to other young people. Then, one of my friends asked me 'How about you, Mede? Why aren’t you an Award participant?' That was the moment I realised the Award would mean so much to me, too, and I signed up for Silver.

"The Award offered me the opportunity to do some of the activities I grew up doing but that I would endlessly postpone for other projects: classic guitar and singing. I also rediscovered, through the Award, the balance given by sports. The Award is an extraordinary chance to discover new talents and hobbies or to bring forward the ones that you thought “belonged to another era of your life”.

Know yourself better

"I do not believe in competition between people. What is more important is to expand our own limits every day in order to be better than yesterday. The Award is a chance to know yourself better in an experience where there are only two people: you and yourself. However, you are also part of a community of young people who know that it is possible to always do more and who know that limits are created by ourselves.

"Even though I do not believe in regrets, I do have one that I would like to share with you: I regret not having enrolled earlier, so I could have had time to participate at Gold level. So, I kindly ask all young people who are reading this, 'How about you? Why aren’t you an Award participant?'"

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