Through the Award I discovered my passion


It is through the Award that I discovered my passion for Architecture. When I was younger I used to bike around my community and draw pictures of buildings, which I would then go home to try to model.

After this, I decided to learn craftsmanship as my Skill for the Gold Award, where I learned about scaling, room dimensions and model making. As well as designing an apartment, I designed and modelled a new office building for the Award in Ghana, which I was proud to have exhibited during HRH The Earl of Wessex’s visit.

Peniel's building model

Doing craftsmanship for my skill was like a chain reaction because after this I knew I wanted to be an architect. I am now in my second year studying architecture at Central University Ghana and the skills I learned in craftsmanship have stood me in good stead. In fact, I was one of the few who knew how to read topographical maps in my architectural school during land survey class.

I am now more confident in my future because of the Award and want to carry on being involved so I have just finished training as an Award Assessor.

Peniel modelling