Rosalyn's employment story

Rosalyn Yake

"My involvement in the Award not only helped me land my first job – it provided me with an outlet to help encourage my students to be the best that they could be."

Multi-cultural context

"One of my first jobs out of university was at Havergal College, an all-girls international school in Toronto. The school runs the Award, and because the Award is international, many of the parents and students are familiar with it.

"At the time of applying for the position, I was a Gold Award holder and participated in the International Gold Event in 2005 in Hong Kong and China. My involvement in the Award made me an attractive candidate because of my international experience. It was a sign to my employer that I could work with students in a multi-cultural context. It was also a signal to the hiring committee that I could use the leadership skills I gained through the Award to encourage and motivate students at the school. They saw me as someone who could inspire students to take advantage of the opportunities offered through the Award.

Action oriented individual

"I worked at Havergal as a residential don for three years. During this time, I implemented the Award and organised outdoor excursions for participants. The Award allowed me to enhance the programming at the school and enabled me to gain skills in programme development and project management.

"When I started the Award in high school I had no idea that the Award might help me with my career – I saw it as an outlet to help me achieve scholarships for university. After achieving my Gold, my participation in the International Gold Event helped me see the Award as an outlet to gain international experience and do good for the world. It helped me land my position at Havergal College, and as I started my career in the public service, it demonstrated that I was a well-rounded person with an interest in making the most of every opportunity.

Rosalyn volunteering in India"I am currently working as a public servant at the provincial Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs in Toronto, Ontario. While participating in the Award and the International Gold Event, I learned about poverty and various other global issues. I would like to continue to pursue a career that allows me to improve the socio-economic conditions of my province. The Award has provided me with opportunities to demonstrate this interest to my employers and to show that I am an action-oriented individual."

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