From participant to ambassador

"My name is Frederik and I am a 19 year old, bilingual Dane living in Copenhagen. I first heard about The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award from family friends in England but sadly the concept wasn’t then available in Denmark. Luckily the director of the UK East region said that she would help my brother and me to do the Gold Award.

"It was fun to make a plan and map out what to do for each section. I was determined to complete the Gold Award before I left school, so my schedule was quite full. Logistically the most difficult part was the Adventurous Journey, because none were available in Denmark. Luckily we were able to go on the Outward Bound Classic Course in the Lake District which gave us all the necessary training and much more. Then my brother and I did the qualifying expedition on the North Yorkshire Moors and that was the highlight. It was great to be out there navigating our way through all the heather and gorse, up and down hills and setting up camp. I also enjoyed the wonderful feeling of success when we arrived back at base as a whole team.


"Thanks to the Award I have learnt a lot about focus, especially in the Skills section, as well as responsibility to others, not only on the expedition but also through the Service section.

"The whole Award programme took a lot of commitment to be able to complete it so quickly but the benefits have been incredible. I am now a qualified football trainer and I have discovered how much I enjoy passing on my passion for sport and motivating others to develop their techniques.

New experiences

"I completed my Gold Award in August this year. It has been the best thing I have ever done because not only have I had so many new, exciting experiences but also I have made a lot of friends and I have learnt new skills. But for me the most important benefit of all is how much I have learnt about myself as the Gold Award has taught me a lot about focus, commitment and responsibility.

"I am now a keen ambassador for the Award programme at my school, Herlufsholm, which in August 2007 became the first institution in Denmark to introduce the programme."