Nsamba's employability story

Gold Award holder, Nsamba Shitumbanuma, from Zambia

Nsamba Shitumbanuma, 21, Gold Award participant and student at the University of Zambia

"My Award journey began in 2013 when HRH Prince Edward visited Zambia for the first time to present certificates to the participants who had achieved their Gold Award. Among the participants was my sister who did the Award whilst in high school. At that point I decided to take up the Award myself, alongside my degree in Development Studies at the University of Zambia. As it happened, I was the first university student in Zambia to take up the Award; most participants in Zambia begin the Award at school.

"The Award for me has been a worthwhile journey with many challenges, discoveries and life changing moments. Through the Award, I have been able to achieve a great level of self-confidence and appreciate the skills and talents that I have. Most notable to those who have seen my progression with my Award activities is the level of self-discipline I developed, particularly through the Skill and Physical Recreation sections. I've been able to keep up with my fitness and have been able to lose weight, something I've been battling for quite a long time.

Gold Award holder Nsamba Shitumbanuma volunteering with young children.Skills for my career

"The Award has also granted me the opportunity to discover new avenues and platforms on which I can apply the multitude of skills that I have developed, skills that have benefited not only myself but also the people around me and in my community. Little did I know that I would be a graffiti artist, painter, graphics designer, magazine editor, DJ and music producer in such a short space of time. I have acquired new skills that might just determine my next step in life after university. Taking part in the Award has given me an insight into the challenges other people face and has informed my thinking around development and how knowledge can be applied practically to improve social and economic problems.

"Through the Award, I have also developed a passion for helping those in need and I’m looking forward to experiencing more of the great outdoors on my expedition later this year. As a way of giving something back, I have taken up the challenge of passing on the skills I have acquired to other young people and have been introducing them to the Award with hope that they too can have and experience the great things I have achieved by taking part. Five of my friends have already signed up to take part in the Award and I continue to work with my national office in Zambia to promote the benefits of the Award to others. Attending meetings, giving presentations and talking about the Award on live radio has been a highlight and also helped me to improve my communication skills."

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