Nqobile's employment story

Nqobile Ofentse Dabula, Gold Award holder and Law student in South Africa.

Nqobile Ofentse Dabula is studying Law at Rhodes University in South Africa. He has also just begun an internship with recruitment firm Odgers & Berndston. Nqobile says the Award helped him develop his communication and networking skills, which were vital in helping to secure his position with the firm. 

I met the managing director of Odgers & Berndston at a young leadership event at The British High Commissioner firm's house. We exchanged contact details and later he agreed to sponsor a community service award I was setting up. We kept in contact from there and he offered me the internship, which I gladly accepted.

Communication and people skills

Nqobile Ofentse Dabula, Gold Award holder and Law student in South Africa.The skills I have developed from taking part in the Award, such as effective communication and people skills, played a huge part in me securing the internship. I have grown a lot through the Award. Going from Silver to Gold wasn’t a hard transition but it did bring a wider platform for me to apply myself in other aspects of the Award, particularly with the Gauteng Youth Committee.

My work with the Committee taught me how to conduct myself in meetings, how to organise events, how to communicate, how to approach sponsors and how to present myself. It also taught me how to commit to and meet deadlines efficiently. The Award has brought more structure and discipline to my life. It has also brought adventure, and it constantly challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. But most importantly, it ignited a passion of community service, social justice and the true belief that I can change the world. My short term goal is to achieve my Law degree but longer term I’d like to work with others towards to help eradicate poverty in South Africa.

Personal and professional growth

I would encourage other young people to embrace the Award; it is a life changing experience. It allows you to grow in ways one would not think is possible and offers a type of education that you would not be able to truly grasp sitting in a classroom. It is an exciting and humbling experience that I highly recommend for everyone.

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