A new person

"Growing up on an island in The Bahamas was not easy in terms of discovering your individuality. Coming from a lower, middle class home there weren't very many opportunities unless you were a top student, a star athlete, or had the right connections. I was neither.

"I joined the Award programme in high school, when I was at a point in my life of becoming withdrawn and introverted. Since my involvement I have come to know who I am, accomplished goals, and seen so many of my dreams come true. I have come to know better my country and my world.

"Being a part of this Award family has made me feel like somebody. It has changed my perspective on life and showed me how to face and overcome challenges.

"It has brought colour to my otherwise black and white world, and kept me from fading into merely an existence in life. People can see a different person from the girl that left that island. And it all happened because of The Award."

Jacquetta Lightbourne, Gold Award holder and youth representative 2005-08