A new me

Bronze Award participant, Ahmed Afiq and his friends on their Adventurous Journey in the desert.

Bronze participant Ahmed Afiq, 14, from Qatar, says taking part in the Award has helped to improve his fitness, but the best part about it is the teamwork.

“My life before taking part in the Award was very unhealthy. The Award has change the way I feel about my life because of the stuff that it has taught me. I used to be lazy and shy but after doing the Award it changed me into a different person. I am more confident and much fitter. I also know how to face difficulties with a team; the best part of the Award is that it teaches you the importance of teamwork.

Better together

“The Award is amazing, as it teaches you skills that you might need in the future. I have lots of positive things to say about my experience so far, but one of the best moments of the Award experience for me is when you reach the campsite together with a big smile, after all day of walking.”

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