Meilia Natalia’s employment story

Gold Award holder Meilia Natalia helping to plant trees as part of her Service Section.

Indonesian Bronze, Silver and Gold Award holder, Meilia Natalia, has received a full scholarship to study International Relations at Tunghai University in Taiwan. She’s currently working part time for a translation company and says the skills she has developed through the Award have been valuable in securing employment in between her studies.

Taking part in the Award has helped me to realise that I have many skills that are valuable; I am far more confident and independent and not afraid to make decisions. I have also developed my language skills – my Mandarin has been valuable to many of my employers and has helped me to secure a scholarship for study at a university in another country.

International recognition

The Award encourages you to get involved with different activities and you learn skills that are recognised internationally. It’s a good thing to have on applications for further education and employment.

The Service section of the Award gave me an opportunity to put my own ideas into practice. I realised that there were a lot of young people like me keen to volunteer their time to make a difference in their community and so I founded a group called #UntukIndonesia. I receive lots of happy, positive feedback from people who can see for themselves how their time is making a contribution.

Award Leader

I have also trained as an Award Leader, to help deliver the Award to more young people in Indonesia, and have been an active volunteer with the National Award Office, helping to plan events and meetings, which have also given me valuable skills and experiences.

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