Khurram's employment story

Khurram Khan, Gold Award holder, Australia

Twenty year old Khurram Khan is a Bronze, Silver and Gold Award holder. He completed his Award in Pakistan but now lives and studies in Australia, where he is doing a bachelor of biomedicine degree at the University of Melbourne. He is also co-ordinator of the Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning Program in Melbourne.

Professional skills

“I have learned three key professional skills whilst completing the Award, which were really useful in securing a job. Firstly, time management: the specific time period for each level of Award required attention, time-keeping and balance of work. Secondly, team work, which is more a leadership skill and is indispensable in a work place environment in order to achieve success on the basis of mutuality. The Award’s Adventurous Journey section enabled me to socialise, network and work together with others in order to successfully complete given tasks. Lastly, multitasking: balancing the extraordinary participation in the Award and my academic studies was a hard nut to crack, but after few months, I felt a difference in myself.

Why hire an Award holder?

“I believe employers should hire Award holders because of their problem solving attitude and leadership skills deeply sown in the individual during completion of the Award. The Award made me self-reliant. I don’t need someone to motivate me now because I’m quite self-motivated. I don’t have any fear for trying new things, because I know that trying new things is not something fearful. You have the confidence, you have the courage to go for it.

"The Award has boosted my confidence to stand out as a leader in a group, which was vital not only for my profession but for my life. It has prepared me to manage risks and create opportunities in the times when there are none.

Future goal

“My major goal is to become a doctor of medicine. During my Award programme I learned the first thing that’s really necessary to become a doctor, and that’s patience. You need to have tolerance for others. You need to be caring, and you need to have something more than medicine.”