Eric's employment story

Ghanaian Gold Award holder Eric Kumasenu working at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

Ghanaian Gold Award holder Eric Kumasenu says the Award has enabled him to develop useful skills for his career as a sound engineer. 

 “Taking part in the Award has boosted my confidence, made me more responsible and now I am able to work without supervision. My decision-making has improved and I have developed new skills for work, as well as the confidence to overcome challenges in my personal life.

“Alexander Fletchyann, my supervisor at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (G.B.C) was impressed with the experiences I had gained from taking part in the Award and so offered me an internship as part of my Skills section. Whilst at G.B.C. I had the opportunity to learn how to use Adobe Audition to record news bulletins, edit programmes and create jingles.

“With the skills and techniques I have acquired at G.B.C, I am able to share my experiences with the students I teach at the Radio and Television Training School (RTTS).  I am hoping to become a sound engineer in the future and feel confident that with the skills I have developed I will be able to pursue this career.

“I think the Award offers young people the chance to learn new skills but also to learn more about themselves. I think it is important that we train more young leaders and encourage more young people to benefit from the Award.”

Gold Award holder Eric Kumasenu with his employer Alexander FletchyannEmployer's view

Alexander Fletchyann (pictured on the right), Eric's supervisor at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, says Eric's practical skills stood out and that more organisations could benefit from taking on Award holders like him.

“I first heard of the Award when the Eric presented himself for an internship with us. It was clear that Eric’s participation in the Award had given him practical skills; the Award provides young people with ‘on the job’ training and the chance to explore life outside the classroom.

“I believe organisations should take advantage of the opportunity to recruit Award holders. You will benefit from the skills they have already developed and the Award holder will learn new skills from you, making it more likely for them to stay with you.”

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