Award participants make tech easy for the elderly

Albert Cherng and Daniel Leong, Gold Award participants from British Columbia, Canada, are helping elderly members of the community learn how to use tablets, smartphones and computers through voluntary organisation Tech Easy.

The pair, who met on a community leadership programme, are delivering the initiative with other young people, many of whom are also completing their Award. 

Using prize money they won in a video competition about The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, they have been able to support their initiative, providing resources for volunteers to help them train. Their winning film showcases their journey through the Award and all the different experiences young people can have whilst taking part.

"The Duke of Edinburgh's Award was a total life-changer for me,” says Albert. “It helped me develop my own character and shaped me into a better individual - someone who is willing to take risks for the right reasons and is very community-minded."

Life skills

The Award has proven to be transformative for many young people and, as Daniel and Albert highlight, the opportunities are there for the taking.

"While you journey through the Award, you will encounter many priceless opportunities. Learn to take them, and use them to your full advantage, advises Albert.

Daniel agrees and says the Award proved to be an inspiration to him: "The phrase 'Take the challenge, live the achievement' was written on the record book when I received it as a Bronze participant. That phrase will change your life when you're working on your Award."

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