Aurélie’s employment story

Gold Award holder and conservationist Aurélie Henshaw.

Aurélie Henshaw’s Service section inspired her to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. Now employed as a training coordinator at Durrell, she says there is no doubt that the Award gave her valuable employability skills and experiences.

I found out about the Award through a friend and wanted to get involved as I had an interest in nature and the outdoors. I also saw it as an opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills.

I volunteered on the Rare Pride campaign as part of the Service section of my Gold Award in 2008. I was part of a team carrying out surveys to establish the level of awareness on the native species. It was through this that I came into contact with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), a local conservation NGO, and I decided to complete my Residential Project on the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation island nature reserve of Ile Aux Aigrettes.

Volunteer to employee

I fell in love with the wildlife on the island, and through the experience I gained during my Residential Project, I successfully gained a position working with MWF. I started working with small passerines, the Pink Pigeon and then advanced to coordinating the Echo Parakeet Project.

Whilst working on the Echo Parakeet Project I was based at a field station in the national park, I was also able to supervise other Award participants completing their Residential Projects, which was really rewarding.

Training and leadership

In 2013 I gained a diploma, having completed the Durrell Endangered Species Management course in Jersey, and recently gained a position with Durrell as the Training Coordinator of a course held here in Mauritius.

The experiences I gained whilst completing the Award were essential for letting me advance to where I am today. Through the Award I became more confident and independent, and learnt the importance of perseverance. The leadership skills I gained helped me with managing people whilst coordinating and in my new job.

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