Aubrey's employment story

Aubrey Jones, Silver Award holder, US

Silver Award holder Aubrey Jones was introduced to the Award at Lincoln Hall, a secondary school in New York State for boys who have become involved in the court system. Having discovered his talents for nursing, Aubrey went on to complete his certificate in nursing and now works as a nursing assistant at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

“I feel like I achieved so much as an Award participant: it just pushes me to achieve more. I learned to be on time for my activities because people are counting on me. I learned people skills. I learned how to get along with different people and how to talk to people that I never had the opportunity to meet or talk to where I live in Brooklyn. All of these skills helped me to be better able to get a job and to do well in an interview.

Award shows dedication

“The Award gives you the chance to do things that you never thought you could do and to expose yourself to so many amazing people and experiences that you can't even imagine. This kind of opportunity for a kid from where I come from is incredible.

"My supervisor at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn was impressed with what I had done and what I was doing. She said that she saw how dedicated I was to my goal of achieving my Silver Award and how I wanted to better myself as a person. She was so helpful and positive when I asked to change my schedule for a day so that I could attend the Award ceremony in New York City.

"My goal for the future is to become a registered nurse. I feel like I can accomplish anything now. I love helping people and what could be a greater help to people than helping to save their life?"

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