Accepting who I am

Hong Kong Award participant Jannet Lai Yee Wing

Jannet Lai Yee Wing has a better understanding of herself thanks to the Hong Kong Award for Young People.

At the 90th Silver Award Presentation in Hong Kong, a record number of 796 Award holders received their Silver Awards, and Jannet Lai Yee Wing was one of them. Jannet is full of excitement when speaking about her Award experience – excitement that wasn’t to be found in Jannet two years ago.

Jannet was always good at physical and academic activities. She was a lead singer in the school choir, a competitive swimmer and athlete and her academic performance was outstanding. Holding a glowing report card, Jannet enrolled at an elite secondary school.

Struggling to fit in

At this new school where everyone was talented, Jannet felt she had lost her uniqueness. She auditioned for the choir but was not accepted and became a reserved, unconfident athlete. Despite her determination to succeed, it was a shock for Jannet not to be one of the highest achievers and she was afraid of letting others know of her struggles. Instead she would adopt a confident facade to hide her depression. Despite this, Jannet’s father knew that something was wrong.

Jannet’s father had joined The Hong Kong Award for Young People and was an Award holder himself. He understood how the Award could help young people to discover their skills and grow as individuals. He encouraged Jannet to embark on her Award two years ago.

Part of a team

Meeting other young people from different backgrounds, Jannet began to realise the various strengths in her peers: “I have great teammates. Some of them can cook well, some of them are good at map reading.” She no longer judges people according to their academic performance.

Hong Kong Award participant Jannet Lai Yee Wing and friendsJannet loves nature. She is interested in horticulture but had previously refused to join the Horticulture Club at school as the club was regarded as boring by the other students. Since embarking on her Award, Jannet said, “I will not insist on being number one in others’ eyes. For now, my number one goal is to work hard for my dream and enjoy my life.” Jannet is now the Chair of the Horticulture Club. To attract members, she strived to organise a range of interesting activities. Her efforts paid off as numbers increased and Jannet even received compliments from those who had questioned the club in the past.

Although Jannet is busy with her school work, she aims to complete her Gold Award and become an Adventurous Journey instructor. She hopes her own experience will inspire other young people. Jannet has developed and grown throughout her Award journey. Before beginning her Award, Jannet focused on how others viewed her. Now she has a better understanding of who she is as an individual and is determined to flourish in the areas of interest that she personally enjoys.

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