The Award’s Research Agenda

The Award’s new research agenda represents an incredibly exciting moment for everyone involved in the delivery of the Award. Research offers us huge opportunities to gain insight into how we work and how we could work better on both a national and global level. It will help us to evidence the positive impact that we know the Award has, helping to strengthen and support all of our promotional activity. 

Latest satisfaction survey results

We are really pleased to publish our latest satisfaction survey report. The satisfaction surveys are a key element of our global research agenda and have been running for both Award participants and volunteers since 2015. These surveys enable us to gain an understanding of how participants and Award teams experience and view the Award and where any opportunities or difficulties may exist.Statistics infographic

The good news is that the vast majority of respondents find the Award fun, enjoyable and challenging, and feel supported by their Award team throughout their journey. This is reflected by the fact that 97% of respondents recommend the Award to others. Where respondents have given less positive feedback, we have a great opportunity to use this to help find areas for improvements in Award delivery.

Our challenge now is to see how we can use these findings to improve the Award. Our plan is to take these findings further than ever before, embedding them into our planning, organisation and activity in the coming months. Watch this space for more information on how we at the Foundation plan to action some of the key insights.

You may have also seen the recent global Satisfaction Survey infographic featuring the key statistics from the last round of surveys. This is available for you to download from the Brand Centre to use digitally or to get printed in an A5 postcard format.

There is also an opportunity to create bespoke country-specific infographics, for those National Award Operators (NAOs) with a large enough base of respondents. We hope all of this will help you to help promote the Award to potential new Award units or other key stakeholders in your country. If you’d like to explore any of this further, please speak to the Research team.

In order to get a full picture, it is essential that as many countries get involved with our research as possible. If you haven’t already, we thoroughly encourage all NAOs to consider getting involved with the satisfaction surveys, to ensure the feedback of your participants gets taken into account. For more information on how to do so, please speak to the Research team.

The Award’s Social Value

We have all seen first-hand the tremendous impact the Award can bring to young people and their communities across the world, but can that benefit be translated into monetary value? In an innovative study, in partnership with PwC, the Foundation’s Research team aims to find out just that. Through extensive research, we will be able to calculate the change that various stakeholders (such as young people, volunteers, and government) experience due to the Award, which can then be translated into economic value. This will help us to better understand and communicate the Award’s contribution to society in financial terms.

Once complete, the model will enable all of us to explain the value of the Award in a country, in terms of the return on each unit of currency spent on the delivery of the Award. For instance, we will be able say ‘for each dollar spent on the Award, the social value created is x dollars’. This will of course offer fantastic opportunities to promote the Award and quantify financial support like never before.

The Social Value model and tools will be piloted over the next year and will be formally launched – alongside details of how to get involved - at Forum 2018.

In case you missed it…Wheel of Influence report

In July we launched a report  which analyses the impact of the Award using the Wheel of Influence tool. You can find out more about it here

Finally, research offers huge opportunities for us all to reinforce the efficacy and importance of the Award around the world and it’s only through the support of our Award partners that we can deliver these crucial resources. If you do come across any new research, would like to discuss any potential research opportunities or ideas, or would like to be part of our ground-breaking research opportunities, please contact the team via