The Award’s digital tools

During the course of 2017 we’ve seen the start of some great changes to our digital tools. Read on for more.

Online Record Book

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation Online Record Book (ORB) is an online system to help participants, Award Leaders and Assessors doing, delivering and assessing the Award worldwide so that recording Award activity is both fast and simple, anywhere, any time. 

This year our Information Management team have been working on delivering an even better version of the Online Record Book which is available online and as a mobile App for both participants and Award Leaders. The mobile Apps have been downloaded over 8,000 times since September.

All National Award Operators (NAOs) (excluding Australia) that were using the existing ORB were successfully transitioned to Online Record Book by mid-September. Australia is being migrated over two phases during the course of December so that by the first week of January 2018 all of the Award in Australia will be using the Online Record Book.

At the end of November the Online Record Book was updated to version 1.5.1. This latest version has been under development and testing for the past three months and includes over 100 bug-fixes and enhancements (many of which have been taken forward based on the feedback from yourselves and other Operators).

Some of the enhancements include:

  • Functionality improvements for Award Leaders, including the ability to resend parental consent emails, Assessor emails and improved search and filter options
  • Ability to create multiple practice Adventurous Journeys
  • Award Leader training history can now be recorded
  • Improvements to the available reports

A full list of changes are available on the Online Learning Hub here.

Over the coming months we will be working closely with our Regional Offices and NAOs who currently operate 'offline' and use paper Record Books to bring them on board to the new Online Record Book.

Online Learning Hub

Over the last couple of months the Online Learning Hub (OLH) has also undergone a 'refresh' to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate around.

The OLH now has a new, more intuitive homepage; in the Courses section you will find a new layout and courses have been split into four key themes. Once you've completed a course, your results will now immediately be available to view, a leader board, average scores, review any incorrect answers and where applicable access your certificate. You will also find that the Community 'activity feed' has been re-organised so that the most relevant information for you is highlighted.

This is just an interim step, during the course of 2018, we will be working on a complete redevelopment of the entire Online Learning Hub (including the 'Communities' functionality) and are looking forward to sharing and launching the new system with you at Forum 2018.