Already doing it

Whether you've submitted each Award section for approval as you've gone along, or are submitting them all at the end, your Award Leader will check and approve them. 

Once you’ve completed your Award, you need to make sure:

  • You've done all your Sections for the minimum time required (check with your Award Leader for details), for an average of an hour a week (or the required timescale for your expedition)
  • You've detailed all your evidence in your record book. This may be by paper or on the Online Record Book. 
  • Your assessors have provided reports/comments on your activity, how you met your goals and how you have progressed, and you have added them into your record book

Once they've approved your final section they will then send it to your licensed Award operator who will check everything is in order.

Achieving your Gold Award

On completion of your Gold Award (and of all relevant documentation) your licensed Award operator will arrange for you to be invited to a national Gold Award presentation (GAP) to get your Gold Award certificate and pin/badge.

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