30-4-30 Event Series

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the World Fellowship (2017) and the 30th Anniversary of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association (2018), the Foundation has launched a new event series called ’30-4-30’.

The aim of 30-4-30 is to raise vital funds to help grow, develop and improve the Award in every country so that we can fulfil our long-term ambition of universal access for all. All proceeds will go towards helping to drive our new Three Funds global strategy of improving Access, expanding the Reach and ultimately improving the Impact and quality of the Award. 

We are therefore calling on all NAOs to come together and identity potential supporters – existing World and Young Fellows, Benefactors and potential new partners – to work together to create a truly memorable and impactful series of events and raise £1,000,000 in total. 

A day at the Blades

How you can get involved

Our fundraising and events team will assist your team in helping to identify potential supporters in your country and then work with your host to plan their type of event. Potential hosts can choose what type of event they would like to organise and hold their event from now until March 2019.

The events don’t have to be complicated, in fact a simple dinner or drinks party could be perfect. It doesn’t have to be a traditional event either; supporters could take on a challenge event to raise sponsorship for 30-4-30 or make a donation instead. The minimum each events needs to raise is £30,000.

We know it works, and NAO’s are already benefiting

Some events have taken place already and the team are working with hosts on more events planned for 2018. Events that have taken place or that are planned include:

Garden Party – a World Fellow held a Garden Party at his home and invited about 30 people from his network. He raised money from holding a live auction and also handing out pledge forms to ask for donations. In addition, one of the invited guests joined the World Fellowship as a World Fellow.

Reworking an existing event – several fellows are using an existing event, particularly a sporting event such as a Polo match or horse show, and making it into a 30-4-30 event through seeking sponsorship.  

Host a dinner – a World Fellow is planning a dinner at an exclusive restaurant, inviting people from his network and asking for a donation to attend.

The money raised from 30-4-30

Over the next three years, with help from 30-4-30 supporters, the Foundation will become an even greater catalyst for change through our new ‘Three Funds’ strategy. It will provide more practical and technical support globally, nationally and locally; and will make financial assistance available to National Award Operators through both an expanded ‘Three Funds’ grants programme and targeted application of the Foundation’s resources.

Why get involved?

Raising additional funds for the NAO - Some National Award Operators have already seen the advantages of hosting a 30-4-30 event and have encouraged World Fellows, or individuals in their country to host a 30-4-30 event. It is possible to use the event to raise even more funds for your NAO as 30-4-30 events act as a great platform from which to recruit new World Fellows or Benefactors. World Fellows and Benefactors can split their donation with a NAO of their choice, therefore providing significant financial support to a NAO.

No extra work or expense for a NAO - The event is to be organised by the host themselves, with help from a Foundation member of staff. Once a NAO has encouraged someone to host a 30-4-30 event, the NAO does not need to be involved in the logistics, as this will be managed by the host in collaboration with the fundraising team at the Foundation. In addition, the 30-4-30 host covers all the costs of the event too so there will be no expense incurred by the NAO.

Raise the profile of the Award in your country - It is a great opportunity to raise the profile of the Award in your country. Key influential people can be invited to the event to increase and galvanise their support operationally as well as financially. We would encourage all 30-4-30 hosts to feature the work of the Award during the event and in some cases, it may be possible for a member of staff from the Foundation to attend and speak of the global impact of the Award.

Benefit to 30-4-30 hosts - The event series will culminate with a finale event held in the UK in 2019, to which all 30-4-30 event hosts will be invited, as a thank you for their tremendous contribution to the Award.

Next steps

If you are interested in hosting a 30-4-30 in your country or if you have someone in mind who would like to host a 30-4-30, please contact Bryony Benstead who can speak to you or directly with your potential 30-4-30 host.