International Trained Activity Providers (ITAPs)

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation licenses external organisations that are suitable to deliver the Adventurous Journey section and Residential Project with Independent Award Centres (IACs) - these organisations are called International Trained Activity Providers (ITAPs).

ITAPs can be commercial organisations or charities and are usually able to provide a section of the Award in its entirety. All current licensed ITAPs are listed on this page below. 

The ITAP licence is a quality standard reflecting an organisation’s ability to meet the requirements and sectional conditions of the Award, including having Award trained staff. An IAC may therefore choose to work with ITAPs for the delivery of the Adventurous Journey section and the Residential Project, however it is up to the IAC to ensure the health and safety and safeguarding of their young people.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 1 April 2018, the ITAPs licensing process will cease to be in effect, and the licences of all current ITAPs will be terminated. The process will be replaced by a system for recognising individuals who have undergone suitable training with The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation, in order to act as a Supervisor and/or Assessor on Adventurous Journeys. Many of the activity providers currently licensed as ITAPs will remain eligible under the new process to conduct Adventurous Journeys with licensed IACs. For more information on the new process or how these changes may affect you, please contact

The following ITAPs have been licensed:


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