Showing young people a new perspective

ITAP leader Kalsang

Mountain Guide Kalsang, from Nepal, is an ITAP leader for the Award. Here, he tells us why he has taken on this role and what it means to him.

"I am a mountain guide for the Walking and Climbing Company, an Internationally Trained Activity Provider (ITAP) for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in the truly astounding Himalayan mountain range in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

I was born in Namche Bazaar, a small village in the Everest region of Nepal, home of the famous climbing Sherpas. I wanted to share my passion for the region in which I grew up, and teach the younger generation the cultural values of Himalayan Buddhist people.

Accepting the challenge

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award offers a life changing opportunity for the younger generation. Trekking and Mountaineering are incredibly challenging at times, and through those challenges I have learned a lot of valuable things about myself. By taking part in these activities, I hope the young people I guide can also learn valuable things about themselves.

Our Award trips are categorised by their level of challenge starting with walks for all, through to trekking peaks for those looking to push themselves further. Each Adventurous Journey provides a personal quest.

We plan our walks with intent to reflect the different paths life may take us. We allow young people to plan their own routes from local maps and choose paths to follow. These paths lead the young people into altitude and test their strength and determination, resembling hard times they may stumble upon during their journeys throughout life and overcoming them with willpower.

The Award allows young people to experience local culture, mountain lifestyle and nature in a way they couldn't experience otherwise. We want to show them the world from a different perspective and inspire them to achieve greatness."

To find out more about ITAPs and how to get involved with the Award in this capacity, see here.