Becoming an entrepreneur paid my school fees


Eighteen year old Comfort Banda was one of 30 girls who enrolled into an Award outreach programme ‘Reach Your Dream’ at her high school in Accra, Ghana. The project sought to equip vulnerable young people with the skills to set up or start up their own business.

After just one week’s training in entrepreneurship Comfort was able to set up two businesses which she uses to fund her education.

Here Comfort tells the story of her Bronze Award journey with the Award in Ghana, where it is known as The Head of State Award Scheme - Ghana.

Comfort's story

 “A few months after enrolling into the Award, I had the opportunity of being part of a career development programme as part of my Award Skills section through the Special Projects fund. The programme was meant to motivate young people like myself to be enterprising.

I was excited about the opportunity because I then had the intention of doing something to support my own education since I lost my lovely Mum at an early stage and my Father had been doing his best to keep me in school. However, I had no idea of what I could do, let alone how to go about it. During the programme, I learnt and gained knowledge in business start-up, budgeting, saving and spending.

Becoming an entrepreneur

Now I am proud to say that I have been able to start up two small businesses which I run alongside my schooling. I spend close to three hours every day after school selling oranges and I also distribute soap to corporate individuals in my neighborhood. Because of this I am able to save a minimum of two pounds every day. I was initially keeping this money in my room but thanks to the financial literacy programme of the Award in Ghana, I now have a bank account for my weekly savings. Also I now understand and appreciate the field of work even though I am still in school and have developed skills that I believe will aid my future employability. It is now my ambition to study to be an accountant.

I am particularly indebted to the Award and hope to inspire other troubled young people like my former self to participate in the Award.  I am excited I took the bold decision to be part of this great family called the Award and wholeheartedly encourage other young people to do the same.”

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